My name is John Rigler and I am a DevOps Engineer in Dallas, TX.

This site is devoted to tricks of the trade in AIX, korn shell, Lisp, powershell (yes its windows, I know) and other nerd stuff.  I have a ‘coffee’ section where I talk about all other random things like religion, music, or non-technical IT ideas.

The site name is a normal spelling of a hexword: DEAD1EC0FFEE.  Hexwords are written only with the numbers 0-9 and the letter A-F, this means that they can be written as numbers in hexadecimal and buried into machine level code and at times viewed with a command such as ‘od’ (octal dump).  I first ran across hexwords when Sysback was made to use them in a split mirror copy solution.  PVIDs were temporarily renamed with DEADBEEFCAFE.

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