The irony of my resume

Screenshot from 2016-05-23 09:51:06Here is what is funny about my resume.  I am trying to update it to convince folks with money that I am just the sort of coding problem solver that they need.  This tweak to the resume will move my coding section to the top to convince people that I know a bit about frameworks and MVCs.  Ironically, in order to create the resume, have all the nice little tabs where they should be, present people with a word document, and then change it quickly for the next person, I am creating my own sort of resume solution.  I am doing this on a 1-unit high Dell Enterprise server that lives in a part of my house that is much like its own data center, and is partly managed with Ansible, so that I can get a bit more experience in order to better understand DevOps.  I run an Apache2 Web Server on the latest Ubuntu Distro with an integrated PHP stack.

This my work happy place.  I am ‘hosting’ and ‘developing’ a resume solution, while also explaining my work process (which is far more telling that the final resume-product could ever be). I operate in an incredibly nerdy and flexible way that makes sense to me, to eventually generate a document that makes sense to you.

Below is a screen snippet of me taking a second to iterate through the section names for each of my skills and create sub-directories with files named ‘body.php’ and ‘index.php’.  These all me to view and maintain my resume in a structure which integrates shell and presentation in a quick way.  This is basically DevOps, MVC, and all sorts of other development and innovation that I am carefully trying to explain to you in the body of the resume.  Oh, and a record of all this should hopefully be captured on github as I go under my ‘resume’ tab.


In other words: my resume which seeks to convince you that I am a natural and methodical coder is, in-of-itself, a piece of code.
That brings me to this blog.  As you see, I am now using prevalent social media tools like WordPress and pondering how to gain the best marketing reach.  All of this is aimed at giving me the most flexibility and allowing me to work better, which I hope to also express in said resume product.   This crazy post started because, working in bash, as I prefer, I realized that I had  created a beautiful and simple ‘for loop’ of resume innards.  Perhaps you might try to make sense of it, it is quite fun.

Feel free to call or email if you would like for me to do some work for you through my LLC, Secret Beach Solutions or if you like my final product resume, which is at:


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