Hello WordPress, my old friend…I’ve come to type on you again…because it seemed to be the thing…that would really make my soul sing…etc.etc.etc.bridge.repeat…

I have forked a version of litecoin into something which I call DimeCash. It is not intended to function as a currency, and will be altered at the publicly shared source level to discourage monetization. DimeCash intends to act as a public message system that simply exploits oddities of the proof-of-work blockchain first realized as bitcoin. The system has three main parts:

  1. Obviously Unspendable Ledger Addresses are appropriated as Human-Readable Anchors
  2. Small Hashes and Coded Systems are transmitted as the least significant part of a transaction.
  3. Bash functions are used as a record format and may or may not change the systems state if executed.

    ———first angry comment (received by USPS mail)

This is a terrible idea. No no no. Don’t do it. Have you heard of Opt-Return Codes? They are so good. This is bad. This idea is so wrong that it caused me to:

Begin() {
: to.type.stuff funny;
: because it is not.good.like.Opt-Return-Codes
: see you can run commands too
————————————–from command line————
dime@dime.cash [~/www/Rude.Replies]# cat Begin-14878.1
Begin ()
: to.type.stuff funny;
: because it is not.good.like.Opt-Return-Codes;
: see you can run commands too
bash 4.2> declare -f Begin | sum
14878 1
dime@dime.cash [~/www/Rude.Replies]# declare -f Begin > Begin-14878.1
dime@dime.cash [~/www/Rude.Replies]# cat Begin-14878.1
Just kidding, I made up the angry comment above. Clever, yea. Anyhow…

We are left with a file called Begin-14878.1. I can now use my trusty python script to come with a Deadlycoffee Anchor…..

dime@dime.cash [~/www/Rude.Replies]# unspendable D DCxDEADLYxCoFFEExDoTxCoMxxxx 30

Now I can go to my favorite Dogecoin Browser and enter the above Fake Unspendable (Warning Will Robins, send only pennies) Irretrievable Proof-of-Burn address.


If you follow the link, you will see a QR code. If you send 1.00014878 DogeCoin to the address with a DogeCoin App. on your phone then this blog post, plus the DogeCoin Blockchain, will create a record. The hash is used as a stub. The fact that the Address points back to this website creates a very strong contextual link. If asked why you send 1.00014878 to a readable Dogecoin address, and someone saw this blog post, then your only reply would be to affirm that you saw this or that you had no knowledge of any deeper meaning to your actions. In other words, while a strong link between the transaction above would point to this article, it does not implicate any particular person as the “author”.
Neither you nor anyone else could present an alternate explanation for 14878 that would be as compelling as the one presented above. A five-digit number would more likely be a hash reference or ZIP code than a sequential reference to a field in a database.
Check out DimeCash, the website: https://dime.cash